At Don & Low we also manufacture a range of carpet yarns, which are ideal for use in the construction of woven carpets.

Woven carpets are created by interlocking face yarns and backing yarns, thereby eliminating the need for a secondary backing. By using polypropylene (PP) warp and weft yarns, carpets are lighter and have a lower mass than equivalent tufted carpets which use primary and secondary backings - both Axminster and Wilton style carpets are constructed using both weft and warp carpet yarns.

This makes these types of carpets ideal for use on airplanes and cruise liners as synthetic backed carpets are the preferred, due to PP being inert and not absorbing moisture.

We produce a range of flat and twisted polypropylene (PP) warp and weft yarns under the Donfil® brand, which can also incorporate FR and UV properties depending on our customers end requirements.

Woven Carpet Yarn Datasheet English Download
Floorcoverings: 3D Spool Illustrations English Download