Roofshield®, launched in 1996, is a unique, three-layer, polypropylene spunbond nonwoven, with a patented Meltblown core.

Designed specifically as a very low resistance (VLR), vapour and air permeable roofing underlay, Roofshield® allows the passage of moisture to significantly reduce the incidence of interstitial condensation in pitched roofs.

In cold pitched roofs, when Roofshield® is installed there’s no need to ventilate the roof space, as the vapour and air permeability allows moisture to diffuse through the underlay. Roofshield® is also Agrement certified by BBA in the UK for use in unventilated cold and warm pitched roofs, which makes the product suitable for fully supported or unsupported roofing applications.

In line with guidelines and a statement issued by the NHBC, independently certified air and vapour permeable underlays can be used without additional ridge ventilation in both cold and warm roofs. The use of Roofshield® vapour and air permeable membrane leads to savings in both labour and material costs.

Roofshield® provides a superior secondary barrier for roofs to protect against the ingress of rain, wind and snow, providing the most cost-effective solution to controlling interstitial condensation in a pitched roof.

Our long-term partners, The A. Proctor Group Ltd. provide the technical and sales support within the UK. The Proctor Group has over 20 years specialist expertise within the vapour and air permeable membrane sector; supporting architects, contractors and the wider customer base with items such as installation, accurate specification advise and condensation risk analysis. 

To contact the A.Proctor Group visit: A.Proctor Group

Low vapour resistance
Air permeable
Eliminates low and high level ventilation
No vapour control layer required

Protects against wind driven rain, snow and dust