Roofshield® is the industry’s leading air and vapour permeable roofing underlay, earning over 25 years of trust through continuous use and rigorous testing. This innovative three-layer membrane, with a patented Meltblown core, allows the passage of moisture to significantly reduce the incidence of interstitial condensation in pitched roofs.

Roofshield® provides a superior secondary barrier for roofs to protect against the ingress of rain, wind, and snow. When installed in cold-pitched roofs, Roofshield® eliminates the need for roof space ventilation since moisture diffuses through the underlay. As a testament to its performance and reliability, Roofshield® is certified by the BBA in the UK for use in unventilated cold and warm-pitched roofs in both fully supported and unsupported roofing applications.

Launched in 1996, Roofshield® was created by Don & Low, the UK’s only vertically integrated manufacturer. Don & Low remains the sole manufacturer of Roofshield until today, meeting the highest international quality standards. Thanks to its unparalleled combination of physical properties, Roofshield continuously outperforms competing roofing underlays and conventionally ventilated roofs.

Rendering away the need for roof space ventilation, the use of Roofshield® yields substantial savings in both labour and material costs. Distributed directly by Don & Low, customers can now enjoy a multitude of benefits and experience construction membrane excellence made in the UK.

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When it comes to roofing underlays, Roofshield® is the benchmark.

Given the high moisture level of mortar and plaster, condensation is a problem that can appear in any new house. Inhabiting and heating a house causes materials to dry out and release water vapour. This is a lengthy process that moves at a snail's pace. On top of that, water vapour is released into the home's living area as a byproduct of everyday activities, including showering, cooking, washing and drying clothes, or boiling kettles.

The real problem is that modern building envelopes are getting more airtight as Building Regulations push for greater thermal efficiency in the commercial and residential sectors. great news for the environment and energy expenses, but not so great for condensation. When heated air is trapped within a tightly sealed building without a way to escape (like a window or an air vent), it flows to a cooler surface (such as the ceiling) and condenses there. Undoubtedly, moisture management must get the attention it deserves.

Roofshield's patented Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond (SMS) structure allows high levels of airflow in addition to the transport of moisture vapour, rendering the formation of condensation extremely unlikely. This contrasts sharply with most air and vapour-permeable underlays, which rely on an airtight VP film layer to accomplish their intended functionality. Due to its superior performance in BRE trials, Roofshield® was awarded one of the first BBA certificates for unventilated cold roofs in 1999 and is now accepted for use by the NHBC without high-level vents, a position that was reinforced by NFRC Technical Bulletin 6 in 2012.

Created and manufactured at Don & Low’s cutting-edge facilities in Forfar, Scotland, Roofshield® has found widespread adoption across the UK and Ireland and is also used in some of the most severe environments on the planet, including the Antarctic. Specifiers are granted the liberty to choose any outer roof-covering configuration that serves their demands, as its remarkable resistance to wind loads enables its use in all UK exposure conditions without constraints on batten spacing.

Tailored to distinct projects, Roofshield boasts exceptional features:

Vapour Permeability

With a vapour resistance of 0.065 MNs/g and an Sd-value of 0.013m, Roofshield stands out as one of the most vapour-permeable membranes available.

BBA Certification

Fully certified for both non-ventilated warm or cold roof applications since 1996, Roofshield maintains its position as the first membrane certified for use in cold, non-vented roofs.

Air Permeability

Facilitating air movement and moisture diffusion, Roofshield prevents condensation, dealing adeptly with higher moisture levels during building drying periods.

NHBC Acceptance

With a certified air permeability of 34.4m3/m2 h.50Pa, Roofshield eliminates the need for additional high-level ventilation on NHBC-approved projects, ensuring consistent specifications across diverse projects.

Uniform Airflow

Roofshield's air permeability ensures consistent airflow through non-ventilated roofs compared to roofs ventilated per BS5250, without elaborate ventilation hardware.

No Vapour Control Layer (VCL) Required

Uniquely, the BBA explicitly states that a vapour control layer is unnecessary for non-ventilated cold-pitched roof constructions using Roofshield.

Water Resistance

Rated W1 under EN13859-1, Roofshield can endure a water column of over a meter without leakage, providing temporary weather protection to the building envelope for up to 3 months when exposed.

BS5534 Compliance

Independently tested and compliant across the UK, Roofshield, without the need for high-level ventilation or a vapour control layer remains the simplest and most cost-effective method to meet regulatory standards.

Low vapour resistance
Air permeable
Eliminates low and high level ventilation
No vapour control layer required

Protects against wind driven rain, snow and dust
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