Don & Low are global market leaders in the design and manufacture of both primary and secondary carpet backings. Manufactured under the brands Donbac® and Lobac®, both backing types are used in the construction of tufted carpets and are renowned for their superior quality and strength.

During the tufting process, yarn tufts are stitched into primary carpet backing to provide a base cloth which holds the yarn in place. Our range of Donbac® primary backings provide this strong stable cloth for securing yarn tufts. The secondary carpet backing is then affixed to the primary carpet backing using an adhesive.

Secondary carpet backings provide further pile-yarn stability and increase the overall stability of the carpet structure. Lobac® secondary backings have an air-texturised weft, which increases bulk and improves precoat absorption.

Primary and secondary backings ensure the carpet remains strong and durable, while being able to withstand heavy duty use - making them ideal for both domestic and commercial applications.

Primary Backing Datasheet English Download
Secondary Backing Datasheet English Download