Don & Low  Ltd Terms & Conditions

Don & Low (hereinafter "Company") operates in Newfordpark House, Glamis Road, Forfar, Angus, DD8 1FR, Scotland, UK, T +44 (0)1307 452200

 The Company has created the present website (hereinafter "Website") to offer information related to the Company and its products.

The users who have access to any material and data available from the  Company through the Website should read carefully the Terms and Conditions of Use that follow, before visiting or using in any way the pages, data and information of the Website and in the event they do not agree they should not proceed with their use. Otherwise, it is presumed that they accept the above terms and conditions and that they explicitly and unreservedly consent to the use of this material.

The following terms of use apply to the entire content and to what is contained in general in the pages of the Website. The Company may at any time and without prior notice, modify the Terms and Conditions of Use, and the users/visitors are required to check each time for any changes. If they still wish to proceed with its use, it is presumed that they accept the modified terms and conditions. Otherwise, they should refrain from using/visiting the Website.

1. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

•   The copyrights of this Website's content, as well as the Website's general depiction, constitute trademarks of the Company unless stated otherwise, and are protected by the relevant provisions of EU or/and International Law.

•   The Company reserves the full and absolute intellectual property rights, which include among other absolute rights, the property right of exclusive use and exploitation of both the Website and any other application or project may be considered to be directly or indirectly connected to the Website. Therefore, the entire content of this Website is protected by Intellectual Property Rights, which belong to the Company. 

•   In particular, the entire content of the Website, including but not limited to, texts, news, graphics, photographs, video recordings, diagrams, illustrations, provided services and any kind of files in general is subject to intellectual property and is governed by the national and international provisions of Intellectual Property Law, except the explicitly recognized rights of third parties. Therefore, any reproduction, republication, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, issuance, execution, loading (download), translation or modification in any way, partly or in summary, is strongly forbidden without the explicit prior written consent of the Company.

•   All logos and trademarks of the Company may not be used or reproduced without the prior written consent of the Company. The same applies respectively for all logos and trademarks of the companies affiliated and/or connected to the Company 

2. Obligations of the Visitor/User

•   All information provided to the Company by the users of this Website (including, but not limited to personal data, know-how, questions, techniques, comments, ideas, abstracts or other relevant data) is not considered confidential. The Company may disclose, copy and use all or part of such information for any purpose without limitation. Visitor/User should read the Privacy Statement to fully understand the policies which govern his/her use of the website, and personal data collected 

•   The user is responsible for the provision of all equipment needed to access the Website and for all related charges of third parties (i.e. telephone charges and charges of Internet service providers).

3. Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall the Company be liable for any actual or consequential damage caused to the visitor/user, arising from the access, use, performance and connection to the Website. The information and services are provided "as is" without any explicit or implicit warranty, all of which (warranties) the Company explicitly denies, even those connected to merchantability or appropriateness. The Company under no circumstances guarantees the uninterrupted and error-free provision of the Website's content, nor even the lack of "viruses", whether occurred in its Website or in another site or server, through which its content is received. Therefore, the visitor/user recognizes that he/she is solely responsible for the proper and lawful use of the Website and must, subsequently, proceed to all necessary checks.

4. No warranties

•   The Company believes that the information and data provided on the Website are accurate as at the date of publication. Any information provided herein does not form part of any contract.

•   The Company reserves the right to change specifications or other information regarding the products presented in the Website. The Company accepts no responsibility or liability for information provided by third parties. No warranties, expressed or implied, are offered regarding the suitability of any product for use, as site conditions and customer requirements vary.

•   No warranty or immunity is offered against infringement of patents or other intellectual property rights. 

5. Specific Exclusion

Anything provided to users/visitors through the Website does not constitute in any way, directly or indirectly, encouragement, advice or inducement to perform any act or invitation to engage in any other transaction. It is at the sole discretion of users/visitors to assess whatever is provided to them and to act based on their own will, while any responsibility of the Company is excluded.

6. Connected Websites- Contents of Third Parties

•   Some of the "links" of the webpage of the Company to other websites (via links, hyperlinks or advertising banner), which are not controlled by the Company, may eventually cause the exit from the Website of the Company. The Company has not inspected these websites, does not necessarily accept their content or their services and does not assume any responsibility the user may invoke regarding access to these websites, nor does it guarantee their availability.

•   Problems that may arise during the visit/use of the websites to which the Company directs, reside to the sphere of responsibility of the respective websites, where the users must refer to. Referring to other websites is made for the convenience of the users of the Company and in no way does it create any commitment for anyone.

•   Some of the contents of this Website may be owned by third parties (i.e. articles, data or abstracts), which have full responsibility for the security, legality or reliability of their website contents and services, exclusive of any liability from the Company. The Company cannot guarantee that users of this Website have any right to use the contents owned by third parties and which are available on this Website. Users must obtain permission from the third party before the use or saving of such contents. The contents protected by copyrights cannot be altered nor can any author notice or copyright notice that appears in such, without obtaining the necessary consents in advance.

7. Personal Data - Collection and Use

•   In cases where registration is requested in order to provide access to a specific content in the Website, an online registration form is filled up (i.e. to receive newsletters via email), which includes personal information such as name, address, email, country and other information that is voluntarily submitted as part of the registration procedure. Users may request a modification of such communication information at any time through emails.

•   The Company manages information that allows the identification of persons and data which relate to the above, and as the Law stipulates, it makes any reasonable effort to ensure that this policy is respected by its employees and by external collaborators who may have access to personal data.

•   The Company collects personal data where registration is requested to provide access to specific content in the Website, or when he/she, the user, visits its Website. These data may eventually include the name, the residence or work address, the email address, the type of employment and other data that relate to the natural or legal person.

•   These data are never disclosed to third parties (except as provided by the Law to the relevant authorities), and their personal character is preserved. The Company hereby explicitly declares that it does not sell, possess, or allows access to such data to any third party. Access to data of this nature is exclusively allowed only to the employees of the Company whose scope of work specifically requires such access. The Company consistently makes every reasonable effort so that the use of this data by its employees is performed with absolute confidentiality, professional diligence, and as the Law stipulates.  The Website of the Company maintains records of these data exclusively for reasons regarding the communication, the statistics and the improvement of its provided services.

•   Moreover, in the event of "links" to other websites, the Website of the Company is not responsible for the terms of management and protection of personal data that these websites apply.

•   In any case, the user/visitor of the Website of the Company has the option, after contacting the relevant department, to note the existence of its personal record, and to request its deletion, correction or change.

•   The management and protection of personal data of the visitor/user of the Website of the Company are governed by the terms of the present Agreement and the relevant provisions of U Law and of European Law.

8. Communication with the Company

Information may be distributed to users via email or post as regards to products and services of the Company and its business partners (i.e. information regarding latest news). If the user does not wish to receive such information, he/she can select not to by informing at any time via email here

9. Under-aged

This Website refers to an adult audience (as are investors and other individuals seeking information regarding the Company and the other companies of the Group). The Company does not and does not intend to gather information from or relevant to minors.

10. Governing Law and Other Terms

•   If any article of the above Terms and Conditions is considered as non-applicable, it will not affect the validity and enforcement of the remaining terms.

•   The present Agreement is governed by the provisions of the United Kingdom Law, the Directives and Regulations of European Law and the relevant provisions of International Law, and is interpreted by the rules of good faith, of business ethics and of the economic and social purpose of the right. If it is deemed that any provision contradicts the Law and therefore is void or voidable, it shall automatically cease to be effective, a fact which in no way will affect the validity of the other terms. No modification of the terms of this Agreement will be taken into account nor be a part of the present Agreement unless expressed in writing and incorporated in it. 

•   Separate terms and conditions will apply to any purchases from the Company.

•   Products are sold subject to the seller's terms and conditions of sale. 

11. Changes to These Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to modify this Terms and Conditions Statement and related business practices at any time. We will notify you appropriately when we make changes to these terms and conditions statement, and we will amend the revision date.

Should you require further information, please contact us.

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