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Don & Low

Established in 1792

Don & Low, with a history of over 230 years, boasts extensive expertise in industrial textiles and yarns. Our company produces a wide array of woven products, renowned for their exceptional performance and flexibility.

Our technical textiles primarily utilize polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) as base materials. Don & Low employs a meticulous manufacturing process that combines PP/PE blends with masterbatch additives. This unique blend ensures our products exhibit superior colour vibrancy, excellent UV protection, and reliable flame retardancy. Our diverse range of woven offerings encompasses Woven Carpet Weft Yarns (WCWY), Cable Identification Ribbon (CIR), Curtain Header Tape (CHT), and synthetic grass yarns (DLG®).

Our woven fabrics are meticulously crafted within a computer-controlled environment powered by advanced software to maintain unwavering quality standards. This technology-driven approach guarantees the consistent production of top-notch products that align with the specific requirements of our valued customers. Furthermore, we subject each item to rigorous testing and stringent quality control measures, guaranteeing that it meets our highest quality benchmarks before reaching the market.


  • Extrusion covers 10,000m2 of floor space and is the start of the process for producing over 140 different tapes and yarns.
  • Every day we produce enough yarn to encircle the earth 3 times.
  • The beaming area covers 2920m2 of floor space – it can take 1-8 weeks to weave out a beam on a loom.
  • The weaving shed covers 22,000 m2 of floor space.
  • The weaving shed holds 226 looms – capable of producing up to 4 million m2 per week of floorcoverings and geotextile products enough to cover an area the size of Glasgow every year.
  • Technical Textile plant runs 24hrs a day, 7 days a week

Don & Low's industrial textile production facility encompasses a comprehensive range of processes, including Extrusion (spinneret, slit film, and multifilament), Twisting, Air texturising, Beaming, Extrusion Coating, Weaving, as well as Grass Extrusion, texturising, and twisting. Through consistent investment in production technology, we continually expand our product offerings to align with market demands.
Our production operates around the clock, emphasising waste reduction through conscientious recycling with NGR machines and intelligent scheduling. Furthermore, our computer-controlled warehousing ensures precise stock control and swift turn-around times.
Certain extruded products undergo an additional heat process to relax the tapes and eliminate residual stresses, providing thermal stabilisation. This supplementary step reduces shrinkage and enhances the stability of the final fabric.
At Don & Low, we prioritise our staff's ongoing training and development, prioritising health and safety in all operations. Moreover, our dedicated Quality Assurance team conducts continuous testing, reinforcing our commitment to meeting rigorous testing requirements outlined by the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 standards framework.

Features & Benefits

At Don & Low, we’re dedicated to delivering outstanding service through the products manufactured and via impeccable customer experience. With the ability to provide at both a primary multinational level and a local level supply base, we can deliver a personalised and flexible service.

The various production technologies in the technical textiles facility allow us to optimise the products to our customer’s needs and requirements.

Market Segments

Floorcoverings 50 years of High Quality Synthetic Backings and Yarns
Impact protection Impact Protection Materials
Reinforcements Bonding & Strengthening Composite Materials