Environmentally & Financially Efficient

Our People

At Don & Low, every employee is passionate about what they do – from customer service, finance and sales to weaving, conversion and extrusion – to ensure our products and services achieve the highest quality standards possible.

Also, with such a large and varied product portfolio, it’s hard not to love what we do.

We draw on extensive experience, 200+ years, in diverse market sectors (including floorcoverings, construction, medical and composites) and access to a wide range of processing methods to continually review our capabilities and explore and identify new investment areas to drive the business forward.

We can invest in our people, products and processes to ensure growth for the next 200 years.

Quality Assurance

Quality has always been a key focus at Don & Low.

We never compromise on quality, from the raw materials we purchase to the finished goods we produce. Continuous investment in people, products, processes, quality management systems and extensive experience have all contributed to our success and being ISO 9001 certified. This is why we’re confident that our products meet the exact specifications required by our diverse customers.


The need to become and remain truly sustainable remains one of our most crucial challenges.

We recognise the environmental impact of our use of raw materials, including the use of energy, water and generation of waste, and the use and disposal of our products. This is why we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment and improving internally through our proactive environmental policies, energy reduction measures and various recycling programmes.

We’ve invested in a specific recycling technology which allows us to recycle all of our scrap and waste material, re-granulating it so it can be re-used through the extrusion process. The re-granulation results in polymer ‘pellets’, which are then used to produce certain products, making our manufacturing process both environmentally and financially efficient.

Don & Low participates in the international initiative SBTi (Science Based Targets Initiative), which validates the targets for reducing emissions according to the most valid scientific data on climate change. In line with SBTi, Don & Low has committed to achieving Net-Zero no later than 2050.