Adopting a creative approach

At Don & Low, we recognise that it’s critical to bring new products and services to market, both quickly and efficiently; which is why we have such a strong focus on innovation and product development. We adopt a creative approach to all areas in regards to research, development and innovation to offer a complete product development service – taking products from creation and design (through raw material selection, sampling, product validation) to final manufacture for product launch.

Based at our head office and manufacturing facilities in Forfar, Scotland, our modern on-site test facilities – combined with a comprehensive programme of in-process testing – ensure our products are developed and continuously maintained to a high-quality standard. In fact, our dedicated technical team not only strive to develop new products but also aim to enhance and adapt our product portfolio, to ensure our customers maintain their competitive advantage. We invite you to challenge us to deliver innovative solutions and value-added products for your business.

Taking your product or application to the next level

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Our Objectives

We know the importance of forming close connections and partnerships with our customers, recognising these relationships are key for business growth.

Our development team engage with our customers to ensure that there is a deep understanding of the project requirements and are committed to translating our customers’ needs into a solution at sensible cost. We work with you through the entire development process, ensuring the project remains on track and on time.We constantly work with our raw material suppliers to develop new and innovative materials. At the same time, we actively source new suppliers and carefully select project partners to create new business opportunities and are willing to both develop new products and customise an existing product for a particular requirement.

With a balance of both short and longer term development projects, we have the flexibility to respond quickly to immediate opportunities, as well as work on projects of strategic growth.

Project Updates

At Don & Low we’re continuing our commitment to advance both our woven and nonwoven products, as well as the respective markets we work in, through new developments, innovations and partnerships.

Whenever we develop a new product or start a new project, we always start by considering the specific factors that are required to ensure our fabrics, fibres and tapes achieve the difficult balance between the key characteristics, and properties, required. To date, there have been numerous developments, innovations and project partnerships which have dramatically enhanced various markets and end applications and we are immensely proud of each and every one. There are a number of exciting projects ongoing at Don & Low – watch this space and sign up for innovation updates direct to your inbox