At Don & Low we have established a range of nonwoven spunbond products which provide superior performance to a number of applications across a variety of markets including: Floorcoverings, Medical, Industrials and Construction.

Daltex® fabrics are available in polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene(PE), and can be specifically developed to meet the characteristics required for certain products – including high tensile strength, isotropic and bicomponent. With six melt additives available to enhance functionality, Daltex® products can become Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, UV Stabilised, Anti-static, Anti-Microbial and Flame Retardant – making them the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

Excellent performance
Outstanding versatility
Superior flexibility

Additional Daltex® Products

Daltex® Power Next Generation Materials
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Daltex® Balance Next Generation Materials
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Daltex® Fusion Next Generation Materials Medical Ostomy
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Daltex® Backing Floorcoverings Carpet Tile Backing
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Daltex® Landscape Agriculture Landscape Fabrics
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Daltex® VCL Construction Walling Breather Membranes
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Daltex® FloorTX FR Construction Temporary Site Protection
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Daltex® PP Medical Surgical & Disposable
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Daltex® PE Medical Surgical & Disposable, Advanced Wound Care, Ostomy
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Daltex® Absorb Medical Surgical & Disposable, Advanced Wound Care
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Daltex® Repel Medical Advanced Wound Care
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Daltex® Smart Barrier Medical Surgical & Disposable, Advanced Wound Care
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Daltex® VCL 116 Datasheet English Download
Daltex® VCL 146 Datasheet English Download
Daltex® VCL Range English Download
Reflective VCL Datasheet English Download
Daltex® 116VCL Conseal Datasheet English Download
Daltex®FR English Download
Daltex® PP Datasheet English Download
Daltex® PE Datasheet English Download
Daltex® Absorb Datasheet English Download
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