RoofTX® CONSEAL is an integral tape underlay, specifically used to seal horizontal laps thus contributing to increased thermal efficiency by reducing air infiltration and convective heat loss. RoofTX® CONSEAL also improves wind uplift performance.

RoofTX® CONSEAL single tape design is less bulky than more traditional, dual taped products. This results in reduced waste as roll widths can be reduced to suit site requirements.

Available in a range of weights, RoofTX® CONSEAL allows for ease of installation and flexibility of joint position; however, please follow the installation instructions on the website and available roll insert.

Once the underlay is in position remove the protective covering over the tape and bring the two layers of underlay together. There is no need to align two tapes for a “tape to tape” bond as the adhesive has been carefully selected to stick on contact and provide a secure bond after applying minimal pressure*. In fact, once bonded RoofTX® CONSEAL performs extremely well at low temperatures and the addition of a UV stabiliser in the adhesive offers excellent durability of the joint.

*Please note with temperatures between 5oC and 10oC, additional pressure may be required to ensure effective adhesion.

Pressure sensitive adhesive well suited to polypropylene
Excellent adhesion and quick stick abilities
Ease of application and flexibility of joint position
Reduced waste compared to dual taped products
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