Theatre cleanliness and hygiene are paramount in reducing the spread of infection during operations and procedures. At Don & Low, we work closely with manufacturers to produce materials which ensure safe transport of medical instruments, the prevention of fluid or blood transfer and infection control wipes.

Our fabrics can be customised to meet the most demanding applications and use materials and additives that are high in absorption or alcohol repellence.  Other notable additives include an antimicrobial agent, which inhibits the growth of common forms of bacteria and fungi, and can control the spread of MRSA, Salmonella and E.Coli.

These fabrics can also be used directly as substrates or impregnated with a variety of treatments to help absorption, antimicrobial to help control infection, and colour to help with identification. Additionally, using different thermal bonding techniques, Don & Low can influence the drape and softness of the fabric depending on the intended application.

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