Glasgow Roof Renovation Demonstrates How Roofshield® Successfully Tackles Ventilation Challenges

June 19, 2024

Glasgow Roof Renovation Demonstrates How Roofshield® Successfully Tackles Ventilation Challenges

Case Study | Prime UK Services – Glasgow

Whether a brand-new build or a refurbishment, the importance of adequate roof ventilation is paramount. The accumulation of excessive vapour and condensation in the roof space can lead to a number of serious problems, ranging from health concerns to structural issues. When it comes to roof renovations, however, enhancing air movement with additional ventilation products is not always feasible.

This semi-detached dormer bungalow, located close to Glasgow, was built post-war and Prime UK Services, run by industry expert Frankie Morley, has been assigned its roof refurbishment. Over the years, Prime UK Services has successfully handled a wide range of roofing projects across the UK, including small private refurbishments, new housing association builds and public sector projects.

Given that the property is semi-detached, the roof plane needed to align with the adjoining plot. Thus, there wasn’t enough room for extra ventilation. Roofshield®, the original air and vapour permeable roofing membrane, was the obvious solution. With straightforward, flexible installation and no sophisticated ventilation details required around roof projections, hip-ends, flat or dormer roofs, Roofshield® enables savings on both materials and labour expenses, all while speeding up the roof’s completion.

The contractor stripped the roof of existing tiles and roof felt and then fitted Roofshield®, counter batten, tile batten and tiles over the original tradional Sarking Board with gaps. Roofshield’s breathability allows moisture vapour to escape, yet it maintains a weather-tight seal. This unique feature prevents issues like condensation and mould growth, ensuring a healthy indoor environment and prolonging the life of the roof and the overall structure.

The BBA has certified Roofshield® for use in unventilated cold and warm pitched roofs, in both fully supported and unsupported roofing applications. Roofshield® is also NSAI-certified and NHBC-accepted. Its wind uplift resistance allows use in all zones (1-5). Moreover, Roofshield® offers W1-class water penetration resistance and can withstand challenges posed by external factors such as UV radiation, temperature fluctuations and environmental pollutants.

Frankie Morley, founder of Prime UK Services, said:

‘Roofshield® has been our go-to solution for many years as a reliable, high-performance and durable membrane. Thanks to its air and vapour permeability, Roofshield® doesn’t need any extra ventilation and is strong enough to withstand the necessary movement around the roof during installation without tearing.’


Tried and tested by the industry in real-world conditions for nearly 30 years, Roofshield® demonstrates consistent performance and unmatched reliability, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.